Toddler Toys 3 Yrs +

Toys 3 Years +

With our product range you can easily assists your child’s foundation phase learning.

Serendipity Kids Toys 18 months + will aid in early learning development.

Our amazing high quality wooden toys promote:

  • Arithmetical understanding
  • Hand eye coordination
  • Fine and gross motor skill development
  • Shape, colour, number and letter recognition
  • Spatial development
  • Concepts of balance, construction, problem solving  and achievement

Our special selection of kids educational & learning toys will aid the kids in learning whilst having fun.

We source non-toxic, eco-friendly and child safe  toys and ensure our early years school range is both quality and affordable.

Our products are ideal for everyone and every budget, whether it’s a parent, child minder, nursery, a pre-school or play group

We want your little ones imaginations to run free

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