HayleyB Linen

Welcome to the exciting world of HayleyB Linen.

Hayley’s passion for decor has inspired her to create her magnificent HayleyB Linen Brand of Tablecloths, Serviettes, Place Mats and Fabric Animals.

Brighten up your meal time with our wonderful HayleyB range.

Our inspiring HayleyB collection of tablecloths & table linen are all custom-made, and we make tablecloths in all shapes & sizes.

Choose from our Canvas, Trending, Contemporary, and Urban ranges of tablecloths.

Buy our table cloths to fit standard size tables or order a custom made tablecloth to fit any size table.

The HayleyB canvas range of tablecloths is water resistant and is extremely low maintenance, simply wipe down after meals.

The contemporary range is made from a wash and hang fabric, no ironing required.

HayleyB Linen heat resistant Place Mats are made from American imported cottons, hand stitched in Johannesburg bringing together her love of high quality materials and her will to support local businesses. With trendy hand made Cotton Serviettes to match.

Her HayleyB Bottle Top Place Mats and Coasters are African inspired. Each bottle top is covered in Capulana fabric, hand sewn and then hand stitched together. In addition to the place mats a magnificent range of hand made Capulana Fabric Animals is featured.