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Whisky & Spirit Glasses

Whisky & Spirit Glasses

Contemporise your table setting with our beautiful range of Glassware.

So whether you have a formal occasion or need glasses for everyday use we have them for you.

A whisky glass (or whiskey glass if you’re serving Irish-made spirit) brings out the best in this most sophisticated of liquors.

Designed with a wide rim, our stylish whiskey glasses allow your whiskies to breathe.

Therefore unlocking their flavours to truly bring them to life.

Buy our Gorgeous Whisky & Spirit Glasses online.

Because choosing the right shape of glass to accompany a beverage is essential in unlocking its full flavour potential and enjoyment.

Within Serendipity Gift’s selection of high quality, gin, wine, champagne, spirits, beer, mixer glasses and tumblers you are therefore certain to find your ideal glass

Because on our site you will find Any Glass for any Occasion!

Therefore we are proud to offer an awesome variety of different glassware: trendy, modern, traditional and crystal glassware.

All of which are sure to enhance any of your favourite drinks.

To Complement your glassware browse our Dinnerware and Tablecloths and liven up your tablescape.

For a bit of fun read up on a brief history of Whisky. Click HERE

If you are looking for great tips on how to set your table follow these informative links. Architectural Digest and Emily Post

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