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 Easy Care Tablecloth Range

Easy Care Tablecloths

We are proud to present our In – Vogue Range of Easy Care Tablecloths.

HayleyB Linen In-Vogue Tablecloths available for rectangular, square, round, oval and custom made tables

We have  6 – 12 seaters or larger to fit your specific table size.

All we need are your dimensions.

Made from premium polyester, these Easy Care Tablecloths are quick to dry, durable and crease resistant. No ironing needed.

The Dimensions of our Standard In-Vogue Tablecloths are:

  • 6 Seater   170 cm x 220 cm
  • 8 Seater   170 cm x 260 cm
  • 10 Seater 170 cm x 320 cm
  • 12 Seater 170 cm x 350 cm

The Dimensions of our Round In-Vogue Tablecloths are:

  • 6 Seater    180 cm Round
  • 8 Seater    230 cm  Round
  • 10 Seater  270 cm  Round

The Dimensions of our Square In-Vogue Tablecloths are:

  • 6 Seater    180 cm x 180 cm
  • 8 Seater    230 cm x 230 cm

Brighten up your table with the beautiful trendy Premium Fabric of this Tablecloth Range

Cold water machine wash.

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