Brandy Glass Arc Degustation 410ml – Set Of 6


Brandy Glass Arc Degustation 410ml – Set Of 6


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Brandy Glass Arc Degustation 410ml

Dishwasher safe

The Degustation collection is a timeless classic shape.

An elegant glass with a short, functional stem is a must-have for all spirits.

A generous bowl aerates them, perfect for tasting pleasures.

The Arc Degustation’s dimensions makes professional washing easy.

A rich brandy or a deliciously woody cognac, whatever you’re serving, bring it to life with Serendipity brandy and cognac glasses.

With a short stem to add a touch of class, all our the snifters and brandy glasses are designed to be as sophisticated as the spirits you serve.

The wide bowls allow the classic digestif to mix with the air.

Therefore unlocking the flavours within, for an after-dinner drink to remember.

Whether you’re serving cognac connoisseurs or brandy first-timers, get it right with these stylish brandy glasses

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