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Glasses For Beer

Glasses For Beer

When it comes to beer, not all glassware is created equal.

Serendipity Gifts has an awesome range of Gorgeous Glasses For Beer.

Whether you need a Pilsner, a Tulip or a Mug we have the perfect beer glass for you!

Our Gorgeous range is ideal for everyday use but will do perfectly well in commercial settings.

All our glassware is made from the finest high quality glass.

Sure, you could pour your favourite ale or larger into whatever glass you have lying around and successfully deliver beer to your mouth.

However there is a reason why particular styles of beer are traditionally served in specific types of beer glasses.

It isn’t just for looks (although looks certainly play a role.)

Rather, the different shapes and styles of beer glassware are designed to make more pronounced differences.

Mainly to enhance the aromatic compounds inherent to the different kinds of beer.

Smell has a huge impact on how we perceive flavour of our beer.

Therefore the right beer glass can take your beer-drinking experience to new heights.

To compliment your beer glasses, check out our range of Wine, Champagne, Gin, Whiskey & Spirit and Hi Ball Glasses.

To read up further on the different types and shapes of beer glasses and which beers they best serve. Click HERE

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