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Imagine the world full of dinosaurs even though these extinct animals haven’t walked the earth for millions of years.

Designed with great attention to detail, our Large Triceratops is not only eye-catching but is also educational!

Simply Press the button on its chest and hear it ROAR!

Each dinosaur is painted with a detailed texture of the skin, therefore making it look and feel like real!

Our Dinosaurs are completely child safe being BPA and toxins free! 

The Claws are pointed but not sharp.

Because our spectacular Dinosaur Large -Triceratops is made of ABS plastic it is Skin-safe and hypoallergenic.

Being extremely durable it will endure any playful abuse from your toddler.

Measuring 55 cm long and 25 cm high its is therefore just right for small hands and large imaginations!

The realistic details and lifelike colours will enhance your toddler’s imaginative play experience!

If you are keen to learn more about dinosuars Go to this link.

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